A light that ennobles work

Lighting design for the ShE hairdressing salon in Cosenza | IT

For many businesses, a light that is as natural as possible, glare-free and that guarantees perfect perception of any shade of colour is of paramount importance. In a hairdressing salon, the lighting can determine whether or not the worker or client using it have a positive experience.

Zumtobel has collaborated in setting up its flagship product, SUPERSYSTEM integral collection, in the ShE hair salon - Salvatore Esposito HairDresser, at Via Bertucci 20, Cosenza. © Zumtobel

Perfect lighting does not just mean that the hairdresser can work best on their clients’ hair. Just think about choosing colours for dying. The wrong light can compromise how shades are perceived, so the client might find they are not satisfied once they have left the premises.

Based on these principles that are part of the company's philosophy – remaining focused on the close relationship between lighting and personal well-being and on the respective working benefits – Zumtobel has collaborated in setting up its flagship product, SUPERSYSTEM integral collection, in the ShE hair salon - Salvatore Esposito HairDresser, at Via Bertucci 20, Cosenza.

3A noble space for SUPERSYSTEM integral collection

When modernising the premises, precise and scientific action was taken in choosing the luminaires to provide optimum lighting for the workplaces, guaranteeing maximum light quality and zero glare at the same time. All this in a modern and minimalist architectural space. The installation of the equipment also had to fit in without in any way affecting the interior of the salon, a modern and minimalist architectural space.

SUPERSYSTEM integral collection is a line by Zumtobel designed by renowned Austrian design studio EOOS and includes a range of exceptionally engineered luminaires that combine pure, integrated design with maximum adaptability to the specific application and architectural space. No product on the market has such versatility: the range offers adjustable accent lighting with spotlights or cardan joint systems, horizontal downlights, vertical and homogeneous wall lighting and comfortable indirect lighting.

In particular, in the installation of Salvatore Esposito's salon, the spotlight heads, merged into an uninterrupted linear structure, are recessed into the ceiling and are practically invisible. From there, however, the light comes from a thin slit, as if by magic. The light source is not perceptible, ensuring a very high level of visual comfort. SUPERSYSTEM integral collection illuminates the salon's operating stations, the entrance and waiting room. These products are extraordinary in that they can project a rotating light cone with a linear luminaire. The head of the reflectors can be adjusted in a synchronised way.

The perfect lighting and total absence of glare achieved make the hairdresser's work in the salon easier. Perfect lighting conditions, making clients feel perfectly at ease and that they are the focus of attention, without any distractions. In the SUPERSYSTEM integral collection, homogeneous illumination of the vertical planes is guaranteed by the integrated Litecarve reflectors. Luminance is reduced, and spill light practically eliminated. The salon can enjoy a very high level of comfort and colour rendering. The flow rate reaches 3,000 lumens, with an efficiency of 75 lumens/Watt. The colour temperature is adjustable (2,700 K, 3,000 K and 4,000 K), with colour rendering Ra>90.

TEELA from the special collection the editions

Two further Zumtobel products were used in the salon: TEELA from the special collection the editions, a LED luminaire with an exclusive organic design, entirely covered with soundproofing material, controlled via Bluetooth and used for the shampoo and relaxation areas, and DIAMO deep source for the salon perimeter, a miniaturised LED module for vertical, diversified, high-precision lighting.

Author: Cremona Luciano