A lesson in light

BSA-Akademie, Saarbrücken | DE

Students of the BSA-Akademie can further their education with more than 60 part-time courses in various aspects of health management. In order to make learning as pleasant as possible, the academy has been extended to include a third training centre. Just as for the existing buildings, specialist electrical company and lighting solution partner eldom also planned and installed the lighting solution for the new building. The result is impressive, state-of-the-art technology that meets the requirements of employees and learners as well as those of the architecture.

LIGHT FIELDS recessed luminaires with MPO optics prevent annoying reflections on screens and workspaces – despite their high illuminance of 700 lux. © Zumtobel

Around 300 recessed luminaires with MPO optics provide seminar and meeting rooms, and offices, with pleasant light that avoids annoying glare. The deliberately chosen higher illuminance of 700 lux supports concentration and creates a stimulating atmosphere in which to work and converse. In the circulation areas, sophisticated light lines continue the straight lines of the recessed luminaires. Only the miniature downlights in the apartments reserved for athletes break with the linear geometry of the lighting solution.

The seminar rooms are equipped with presence detectors to ensure a high level of lighting comfort. The light is dimmed as required via a momentary-action switch. © Zumtobel
Jürgen Diener and Andrea Domjahn, eldom GmbH, Saarbrücken | DE. © Zumtobel
Sophisticated SLOTLIGHT light lines mounted at regular intervals break up the long corridors. © Zumtobel

Mr Diener, what is the idea behind the lighting solution for the BSA-Akademie?

Jürgen Diener: At eldom, we take a creative approach to lighting. This means that light must be suitable for the building in both technical and architectural terms, a concept that we also employed at the BSA-Akademie. The choice of luminaires was heavily influenced by the existing training centres. However, these were built at a time when LED technology was still pretty unpopular. The fact that Zumtobel has retrofitted tried-and-tested luminaire models is a great advantage here. It enabled us to use the same luminaire with the LIGHT FIELDS surface-mounted luminaire, which however complies with the latest technical standards.

In order to make the most of the architecture, we have paid attention to every detail. This can be seen, for example, in the circulation areas, which appear very severe due to their length. This length is broken up by the sophisticated SLOTLIGHT light lines, which make the narrow corridors look brighter. Positioned vertically, they bring out the features of even a simple stairwell.

So that meets the architectural requirements of the lighting solution. What about the technical side of things?

Jürgen Diener: An environment in which people learn, discuss and work places special demands on lighting. Visual comfort is particularly important here. The MPO luminaires
are perfectly glare-free and therefore ideal for office workplaces and meeting rooms. All rooms are equipped with presence detectors and daylight sensors, which ensure constant illuminance of over 700 lux and add the finishing touch to the lighting comfort. In addition, the light can be dimmed individually via a momentary-action switch. The light lines in the corridor zones also respond to presence.

Even as a very experienced installer, has the lighting solution partnership helped deepen your knowledge of lighting?

Jürgen Diener: As part of the partnership programme, I’ve already completed several training courses, all of which have helped me gain new insights that I’ve been able to put into practice in my everyday working life. I can also always rely on the fantastic support of my supplier, Hans Auler GmbH and Harald Wonn in particular.

Each meeting room has presence detectors and daylight sensors as well as a control point for manual lighting control. © Zumtobel
In the BSA-Akademie building, light and architecture come together to form a harmonious unit. © Zumtobel