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KEH hospital put in good shape, Berlin | DE

The LITECOM infinity lighting management system from Zumtobel is now enabling optimum control throughout a new section of the Protestant Queen Elisabeth Herzberge Hospital (Evangelisches Krankenhaus Königin Elisabeth Herzberge or, for short, KEH) in Berlin. This key addition has helped the lighting become a sophisticated luminous assistant for both patients and staff – and offers a professional way of regulating daily life in the busy hospital. The new building features a comprehensive Zumtobel lighting solution and therefore incorporates the perfect combination of luminaires and lighting controls. A healthy success, you could say.

© Zumtobel

A new day at KEH. The daily ward round has just finished. Doctors are heading to their next patient consultations. They enter “Haus 100” through a corridor that connects the existing hospital with the new section. This modern construction is home to the diabetes centre, a medical care facility, the neurology and diabetes wards and various consultation rooms. Elegant light lines of SLOTLIGHT infinity in the corridor areas guide hospital staff, patients and visitors through the new building in a clear and logical manner.

Elegant light lines of SLOTLIGHT infinity accompany hospital staff, patients and visitors in the corridors and walkways. The lighting reacts to presence and reflects the dynamics of daylight – thanks to integrated sensors. © Zumtobel

The light is cleverly connected – thanks to LITECOM infinity, which centrally controls all the luminaires in the public areas. Integrated sensors help the lighting react to presence and reflect the dynamics of daylight. As a result, the lighting actively supports the natural human biorhythm and ensures maximum visual comfort, as the facility managers can use simple web applications to optimise the lighting, adjust basic settings and configure specific lighting scenarios. Take cleaning, for example. With just a push of a button, the corridors are fully illuminated. And then they can be thoroughly cleaned – quickly and effectively. Touch panels in the reception area allow intuitive individual operation, while hospital workers have the option to adjust illuminance levels and select desired lighting scenes using the Zumtobel lighting management system.

The new building at the Protestant Queen Elisabeth Herzberge Hospital (KEH) in Berlin is shining in Zumtobel light. © Zumtobel
The LITECOM infinity lighting management system enables central control in the public areas of the facility. © Zumtobel

In the meantime, the first patient is waiting in the examination room, where doctors and consultants can tailor the lighting to suit the particular situation and create the ideal lighting situation for the relevant tests and checks. The professional lighting in the treatment rooms supports good vision and helps staff enjoy optimal working conditions. For every situation. And for every patient. Luminaires from the LIGHT FIELDS family combine a minimalist design with glare-free light, which meets both the specific needs of the examination and treatment areas of the hospital and the visual requirements of the people who work there.

Luminaires from the LIGHT FIELDS family provide glare-free light that is adapted to suit specific visual requirements. © Zumtobel

A feeling of well-being facilitated by good lighting in the individual rooms of the hospital is particularly important for patients at the KEH. This subtle effect promotes recovery and helps ensure a pleasant stay. Indeed, the process starts from the moment people enter the hospital, where a luminaire with innovative design welcomes visitors and patients at the registration desk. This is the SEQUENCE pendant luminaire, which blends glare control and gentle light distribution to create a pleasant all-round ambience. Moving beyond the reception area, circular ONDARIA fittings deliver added safety by uniformly illuminating the various stairwells.

Innovative design greets patients and visitors when they register, as the SEQUENCE pendant luminaire creates a pleasant all-round ambience with the help of a gentle light distribution. © Zumtobel
Circular ONDARIA luminaires uniformly illuminate the stairwells for added safety. © Zumtobel

The new building – the so-called “Haus 100” – has been planned and realised to perfectly suit the precise needs of medical staff and patients. It is a place of work, but it is also quite clearly a place of well-being. “The KEH hospital benefits from a complete solution with cutting-edge lighting controls. Everything fits together and everything is connected,” explained Claudia Siebert, the responsible sales representative at Zumtobel. “The lighting is professional, user-friendly and modern, while the installation also cuts costs in terms of operation, maintenance and energy.”

Light generates an inviting atmosphere throughout the new section of hospital – from the waiting areas to the staff training room. © Zumtobel