A modern chalet in Hamburg

Zumtobel has designed a new lighting and store concept for the Bogner store in Hamburg.

The light coming out of the shop windows of the Hamburg Bogner store is warm and inviting on cold winter days. It welcomes customers longing for winter and mountains, for snow and St. Moritz, with open arms. For the store makeover, Zumtobel has created a concept that combines a striking and adaptive lighting design with interior elements that convey the brand. The result is a Bogner store that encapsulates the exciting world of athluxury in an elegant yet cosy atmosphere.

The new design of the Hamburg store is like a modern chalet: The interior design combines clear lines and light furniture with solid, natural wooden elements and warm, 3000 K light. The centrepiece is the large staircase along the striking concrete-look wall, which links the two floors in the store. The DIAMO LED downlight with wallwasher reflector highlights the underside of the stairs, with the targeted lighting from below almost giving the wall a theatrical look. The CARDAN EVO recessed LED luminaires with LF930 lens optics create a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere. The low-key design of the luminaires is perfect for the store’s new look.

Zumtobel designed an element that meets the requirements of the new interior design and the lighting concept especially for the project: The Supersystem Integral Gimbal 930 was installed between the linear wooden slats. The slats visually link the different areas of the store, while the Supersystem provides maximum flexibility so that the products can be illuminated perfectly. Zumtobel’s Supersystem is also used in the niches and in the side store window areas. The homey PANOS pendant luminaire in black is used to light special areas like the checkout area and the counter.

Zumtobel’s new lighting concept has created an open and elegant atmosphere. The products are presented in a confident manner that allows their true colours to shine. Before the store was renovated, various conventional light sources were used in the store that not only distorted the colour of the products, but also used a lot of energy — and gave out a substantial amount of heat. Switching to LED luminaires has significantly improved the atmosphere and has reduced energy consumption by more than half — an important result at a time when sustainability and resource efficiency are hot topics.

It is not just Zumtobel’s lighting that impressed, but also its 360° service: Luxury brand Bogner entrusted Zumtobel with the entire renovation of the Hamburg store, which made the client’s life much easier. And Zumtobel proved that the company can deliver much more than the best light: From planning and design to project management and execution, Zumtobel has a large network that enables it to provide a comprehensive service package.